Reckless Driving

NYS Violation VTL 1212

Reckless driving is a dangerous offense in the state of New York because its consequences are multilayered. A NYS violation VTL 1212 can cause a driver to lose a great deal of privileges, including his or her freedom. The concept of the reckless driving offense revolves around the idea of unnecessary danger. If a driver conducts an act that can harm another driver or passenger, then a police offer may see the offense as a reckless driving offense. At that time, he or she will issue a reckless driving ticket New York. The offender will have a world of trouble on his or her hands.

Penalties for a Reckless Driving Ticket New York

The penalties for reckless driving in New York are grave. First, reckless driving is a criminal matter. A person who is convicted of such an offense could spend up to six months in jail. The crime will stay on that person’s record for life. Criminal records cause difficulty obtaining employment, apartments and more. Secondly, the driver can lose his or her license immediately, which would render that person helpless for traveling to work and running errands. The DMV will place five negative points on that person’s license, as well. License points increase auto insurance premiums greatly. Once a driver accumulates 11 points, that person will lose his or her license immediately.

The fines associated with reckless driving can start at $300 and go sky high. Any driver who obtains a reckless driving ticket New York should contact a defense attorney at once. A defense attorney can help a defendant to fight an NYS violation VTL 1212. He or she can use several methods to spare the client jail time, fines and embarrassment.

A New York defense attorney can protect a person who receives a conviction from the courts. No one should take a reckless driving charge lightly. Defense attorneys are available at all times to help any person who is in need.