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Driving Without a Insurance

If you receive a ticket for driving without insurance you can lose your license for a year and pay some very high fines. Call us today because we can help.

Cell Phone Tickets

Cell phone tickets now carry 5 points. If you are guilty of two cell phone violations, your license can be suspended. Anthony Sharnov handles all cell phone tickets in the state of NY.


These are serious offenses that lead to arrest and a potential criminal record. We have helped tons of people in getting these cases dismissed or reduced. Call us for help.

Texting While Driving

These violations carry 5 points. You can be holding a cell phone and receive a ticket for using an electronic device. The New York vehicle traffic law prohibits using an electronic device while driving. We have beaten numerous electronic device tickets.

Running a Red Light

Red light violations are serious. The New York vehicle and traffic law prohibits anyone from running a steady red light. This violation carries 3 points. We know all the elements that an officer must testify to. Call us so that we can help you win your ticket.

Running a Stop Sign

We know how to beat a stop sign ticket that carries 3 points. There are many things an officer must testify to in order for you to be found guilty. We are trained to find errors in an officer’s testimony to maximize the chance for a finding of not guilty.

Driving Without a License

Driving without a license is a serious offense in New York. If you are caught while driving while your license is suspended you can be arrested. Please do not drive with a suspended license. If you receive a ticket for unlicensed driver, failure to produce documents or get arrested, call us for help.

Speeding Tickets

If you are convicted of a speeding ticket violation you can be facing anywhere from 3-11 points on your drivers license. If you are guilty of three speeding tickets In an 18 month period your license will automatically be suspended. Furthermore, If you are guilty of 6 points or more in an 18 month period, there will be a $300 surcharge imposed in addition to a fine plus $75 for each additional point. Call us today to help get your speeding ticket dismissed.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a violation that carries 5 points. If you receive a pink criminal summons for reckless driving that means you are being charged with a misdemeanor. If you are found guilty you will have a criminal record which will affect all aspects of your life. Call us so that we can protect your interests and help win your case.

TLC Violations

We handle taxi and limousine commission cases (TLC). We can help save your TLC license and fight TLC violations for you.