Running a Red Light

Running a Red Light – Here is your Next Step

Running a red light is a 3 point violation. If you pass a traffic light while the light is red you can receive a red light ticket. We are experienced in fighting the kinds of tickets.

Pick up your phone and call us so that we can fight the tickets together.

You are driving along on your way back home from work in New York and you find yourself caught in a red light situation at an intersection. According to your judgement, the light was still amber when you crossed the intersection.

Should you get Worried? With sensors, cameras, and flash lights installed at a number of intersections in NY, you need to be a bit worried. On the other hand, with a professional Red Light Ticket Attorney NY handling your case, there is no need to worry at all.

Cushion your Driving Record

Do you know how valuable your driving record is to you? Well, let me refresh your mind a bit. Any red light traffic conviction will show up on your driving record. Most auto companies in the state consider your driving record when calculating monthly premiums for you. This means you end up paying higher premiums than normal. In fact, a single red light traffic violation takes you back a couple of hundred dollars in insurance premiums.

It doesn’t stop there…

Your life insurance provider will scrutinize your driving record too. This is to find out how dangerous a driver you are. Any sign of traffic violation makes the provider to re-evaluate your life insurance premiums. This means a red light ticket will make the provider charge you more for life insurance.

Still, it doesn’t stop there…

When you are booked for running a red light in NY, you affect the way any future convictions are handled. When faced with any other traffic offence, the judge will peep at your violations and come up with a stiffer sentence. This may translate into a bigger fine, or if the worst comes to the worst, a jail term.

You don’t need to endure all this.

What you need is to have the red light tickets dismissed or the charges dropped. You can only achieve this by opting for Red Light Ticket Attorney NY services.

Legal Help is Your Only Way Out

When fighting red Light Camera tickets, I scrutinize your case from all angles to make sure everything works out in your favor. Running a red light is not always your mistake, and there are several ways I can prove that:

  • You might have received the ticket by mistake.
  • There was wrong amber light timing duration.
  • Poor road and weather conditions.
  • Lack of supporting photos.
  • Lack of red light camera periodic certification.
  • Inadmissibility of the photos in court.
    One of these might be the cause of the red light ticket you received on that day. Through extensive research, I have the capacity to overturn the situation in your favor.

Don’t Suffer Silently, Speak out Loud!

Don’t sit back and wait for the law to take its course when you are faced with a red light violation. This is because the ramifications aren’t pleasant at all. Instead, pick up your phone and call me so that we can fight the tickets together.