Criminal Tickets Lawyer

We will represent you in criminal court for all DWI/DUI cases, drug related charges, reckless driving and any other criminal offense you are charged with. We will listen to your explanation and then review the offense you are charged with. We will appear with you on the court date and represent you to the fullest protecting your interests. We will also advise you of all your rights.

If we represent you in a criminal case, there is a good chance that we will keep your record clean and help you avoid jail time. We may be able to get your case dismissed or negotiate a plea offer helping you avoid excessive punishment and fines. Different counties handle crimes differently and we know how the system works. If you were arrested for a DWI/DUI (drunk driving) contact us immediately. We will listen to your explanation, get you out of jail if necessary, explain to you your rights and what charges and procedures you may be facing and then explain our course of action in helping you win your case. Consultations are free!