Traffic Attorney

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Traffic tickets are an inconvenience, but by no means are they something to be ignored. When we do, we can find ourselves on the wrong side of the courtroom, the defendant’s table. Drivers have had their licenses suspended or taken away for not taking traffic tickets seriously.

We’d advise you go ahead and pay those tickets right away and not wait until they cause problems you can’t afford. Still, if you should find yourself facing traffic court for any reason, it might be a good idea to have a consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer.

What You Can Expect

The traffic attorney wants to ensure your rights are protected. They will listen to the specifics of your situation. You will confer on courses of action. If you choose to move forward, they will research and compile information on your behalf. This information will be used to determine your legal standing and the best defenses for you. It’s a traffic ticket lawyer’s responsibility to carefully analyze your legal situation and provide the best solutions, along with the pros and cons in every scenario.
Without a good traffic attorney, a person could find themselves in a worse position than they started in. In New York, traffic laws can be confusing and frustrating. Experienced lawyers won’t just know the laws and the best ways to navigate them for your protection. They know the court system and the players. From judges to prosecutors, you can use your lawyer’s relationships and expertise to your advantage.

Why You Don’t Want a Public Defender

It’s understandable that you might think you can’t afford a traffic lawyer. You can have a court appointed attorney assigned to represent your interest, especially if jail time could be part of the proceedings. You will need to remember that public defenders are overworked officials that work for the court. They will have never heard of you and know nothing about your case beforehand.

To ensure you get the best representation possible, at the very least have the free consultation with a traffic attorney. While fees can vary depending on what violations you’re facing, you are paying for qualified protection of your rights and a strong advocate that wants to protect your license, reputation, vehicle, and, if applicable, keep you from going to jail.

Choosing Your Traffic Ticket Attorney

When meeting with attorneys, do not be afraid to ask questions. You are putting your legal safety in their hands. That means you have every right to know about their qualifications, experience and history with cases like yours. Many lawyers decorate their offices with their credentials (degrees, certifications, etc.). Don’t be shy about examining them. In fact, be leery of an attorney that’s not comfortable discussing their background. And don’t get too thrilled with anyone excited about how easily you’re going to win the case. Any responsible lawyer will tell you there are no guarantees.

Contact a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Fighting in traffic court can be time consuming and daunting. If you want to make sure you get the best defense, talk with an attorney and use their expertise to your advantage.